Lee-WebMy Beginnings

I first got into photography when I had my son Eran. I wanted to capture the special moments, to cherish them and pass them on when he was old enough. I soon realised that to get the standard of images I was looking for it was going to take a lot more than just a nice camera. I began my journey to learn photography.  From a technical perspective to start with. I taught myself the principles of exposure; Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO. I learned about modern digital cameras, they’re light metering and auto focus systems, sensors, image processors and lenses.

Once I had understood these technical elements I still wasn’t there. I began to appreciate the effect composition has on a picture. It was a much larger subject and had a bigger impact on images than I had imagined. I started to spend more time looking at images from photographers I admired. I read books and online articles and learned some of the “rules” for composing a photograph.

During my learning I discovered the affect light has on the look and quality of the images. I went on a workshop with Damien Lovegrove to Spain and became truly inspired. I had taken the first set of images that really started to meet the standards I had been looking for.

My Present

I now shoot and study as much as I can. I learn with every shoot. I develop my style, improve my creative vision, learn new equipment, new processing techniques. I will never stop learning and I am very happy with that.

My Future

In the future I would like to undertake a travel project. Finding interesting places and interesting people to photograph. I want the images to be visually powerful and thought provoking.